Milly & Flynn

Milly & Flynn

Milly&Flynn® are an exciting new pre-school publisher of books, puzzles and games. Inspired by the company founder’s children and their love of beautiful pre-school product we have created a unique range that children will enjoy and treasure.

We aim to design, develop, manufacture and market ranges of beautiful pre-school books, puzzles and games. Aspiring to work in conjunction with recognised children’s licenses and leading illustrators to produce beautifully written and illustrated products.

We're part of Hacche Retail Ltd and are born out of their expertise as a leading UK product designer, developer and supply chain consolidator specialising in supplying Books, Gifts, Puzzles and Games to the UK retail sector, and to international markets via distribution partners.

Quality, safety and ethical considerations are really important to us, which is why within the company there is a high level of knowledge and understanding of various materials and associated technical requirements, legislation and safety issues, and that we ensure that all of our factories/printers are ethically audited each year.

Our aim is to build a worldwide reputation for quality, design and service that sets us apart from the competition.

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