• Bears and a Birthday (Paperback)

Четыре медвежонка готовят сюрприз на день Рожденья Большого Медведя. Они заперлись на кухне, чтобы испечь кое-что особенное и сладкое.

Нежные истории в стихотворной форме о любви и привязанности малышей и взрослого.

In their fourth endearing escapade, four small bears prepare a celebration for Big Brown Bear's birthday. Mmm, something smells good in the kitchen. Big Brown Bear is curious--what are those little bears up to? Are they making something special? No peeking, Big Brown Bear! Floppy and Fuzzy, Yellow and Calico have a cake to bake and a gift to wrap, then it's finally time for the birthday surprise. Delightful rhymes and huggable bears are just the right ingredients for a cheerful birthday read-aloud.

Размер: 26*21,5 см

Pages: 30

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Bears and a Birthday (Paperback)

  • Производитель: Candlewick Press
  • Код товара: Bears and a Birthday (Paperback)
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  • 320.00 р.

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